My name is Samuel Hansson, born in 1973 and grown up in Tranås, Sweden. I’m a calm and steady person, ambitious and thorough whatever I might be doing. I’ve had a special interest in nature since I was a child. At the age of twelve I started focusing on birds, a passion that has since brought me all around the world for the last 25 years. The American avifauna has a particular appeal on me, and I daresay that I know about virtually each of the 4 250 species that occur here. In total I've spent more than 6 years abroad, most of that time in the field, and my personal bird list stands at c. 6 060 species.
I’ve worked with bird banding at various bird observatories in Sweden, as well as Whitefish Point Bird Observatory in Michigan, USA. The opportunities of guiding and making bird cencuses have brought me to lodges in both Brazil and Australia. At there are about 20 trip reports that cover most of my birdwatching trips until 2004, and I’ve also written several articles for Vår fågelvärld, the magazine of the Swedish Ornithological Society. Except for various aspects of the world of birds I also have a great interest in physical geography, biogeography, butterflies, mammals and plants.
I now work as a teacher in the Swedish language, play the violin (preferably in a symphony orchestra) and the piano, and I sing in a choir and as a soloist. I also like writing, reading and watching movies.